MedPix delivers a powerful platform easing co-operative analysis of medical images.


MedPix is a complete Android application.
MedPix is used in medical education environment, but also as tool for professional collaborative medical image analysis.
MedPix delivers artifical intelligence (such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision) to help treat patients.

Simple patient registry

Create registry of your patients.

...and their examinations.

Upload patient's CT or MRI examinations in DICOM format. Saved files are securely stored in Cloud.

Session is work with patient

Share or join to working sessions with your colleagues or students.


Use our extensive tools for diagnosis.
Your interaction with images in session will see your collegues or students (if you wish to) in real time.


We are proud students of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies.

Ing. Martin Tamajka
<product owner & team leader>
Bc. Svorad Sabatula
<android specialist>
Bc. Dano Machajdík
<back-end engineer>
Bc. Pavol Valko
<back-end engineer>
Bc. Ján Mikuláš Zigo
<android specialist>
Bc. Matej Války
<back-end specialist>
Bc. Tibor Nagy
<android specialist>

Let's talk

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